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Lack of logic from FTE


Well said mate . Sometimes I just don't get my fellow aviators...


Your post suggests a complete lack of logic / knowledge on your part on a number of levels.

Firstly, I can only assume from what you've said that you haven't cracked it as far as making it into one of the better offshore operations and that you are indeed keen to do so.


You already "know" that offshore chaps do nothing anyway. Does this mean you aspire to do nothing?

You dispute the fact that they should be paid better as they are already too well paid. Does that mean that if and when you do "get a go" you'll be happy to forgo any improvement in your ongoing conditions?

Despite not actually having made it to one of the more established offshore operators, you have already narrowed down your search to CHC and Jayrow (having struck Bristow's off your list) - a little presumtious don't you think?

Clearly you have no idea of the bigger picture here. It doesn't matter one iota who you work for, if salaries are on the up with ANY of the bigger operators, it has a flow on effect within the helicopter industry in Oz.

Those who are lucky enough to enjoy the conditions on offer from the major players owe a great debt of gratitude to those who have fought for those conditions. Currently, the environment for a significant improvement in those conditions is well established.

Would you prefer the conditions within the industry remain stagnant? If so, why not just stay where you are? Why would you want to work for CHC or Jayrow's? I believe their conditions are very attractive and as such probably wouldn't appeal to someone like yourself.

Anyway... based on all of this, I'm sure GG is just dying to get back to you in order to recommend you to management. Then again, maybe not... I hope during your interview you make a better first impression than in your post.

Despite all the above, good luck.

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