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PPRuNe Towers, Danny,

now what exactly was considered hair-splitting about me pointing to specific pages ef the report of an incident similar to this accident, showing that runway length was important, and that and how the aircraft in that case kept on the runway to the end, and why I think the evidence for that is convincing. I was presenting an argument why the lack of an overrun area was a causal factor and needs to be looked at.

And if so many readers have deserted the thread, well, that's their decision, but why are posts deleted which discuss technical details, that are relevant to aviation safety? And why selectively?

I see that even this late in the thread some very experienced professional pilots are still actively following it.

What exactly are the criteria to decide whether or not a thread has "run its course"? Why should it concern the moderators if technical minutiae are discussed by parties interested and experienced in matters of aviation safety?

My understanding was that moderation should take place if completely unrelated things are discussed (in which case I have no problem with the posts being moved to another or a new thread) or if unsuitable language and insults are used (in which case I appreciate it if the posts are deleted).

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