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Originally Posted by PPRuNe Towers
Well, with genuine respect guys, you'll have to live with our decision.

The cumulative 100's of thousands of hours experience on the forum left the thread long ago. .......

Everyone else just closed the powers levers and left you to it long ago.
Nice rhetoric, Rob, but what you are really saying is the following.

There are first class citizens of this site, namely certain professional pilots, and second class citizens, namely others. Those of us with tens of thousands of hours thinking hard about and advising others on systems and causality and accidents and explanations of accidents are apparently second class citizens; those professional pilots with a few tens to a few hundreds of hours thinking about causality and accidents remain first class, and decide when talk of particular accidents is "enough".

I find that excessively and unnecessarily restrictive, and I doubt whether it is in the interests of your first-class citizens either.

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