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My friend...

How are we getting on with your friend?
BOAC, I did not forget what I promised. Remembe? I got in touch with my friend, the one who sent me the letter from the Brazilian pilot in China and
I asked him about the letter, if we couls trust it. Do you know what he did? He said that he was getting in touch with a close friend of his who was an instructor for A320 pilots in the simulator. He sent me a copy of a e-mail he sent to him. Guess what? The instructor changed the subject kindly and did not answer the question about thar e-mail from China. I then asked point blank my friend about the letter. He said that is was exagerated and could not be trusted. So I guess BOAC that we shouldn't believe in that letter. I am sorry for publishing it here.

In the other hand noone answered my question if there are examples of other aircrafts landing with one reverser locked out and having the same problems as the three accidentes with the A320...

Regards to all from Los Angeles.
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