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Originally Posted by 3Ten
Exactly, so PBL: No primary cause, or it would happen to every a/c that landed there.
Then leaving one thrust lever at climb detent isn't a primary cause either, or it would happen to every a/c that landed there.

The thing is, 3Ten, if I may phrase it so, that you haven't thought about these things very hard yet. You're applying the Counterfactual Test selectively, but you haven't said what your selection criteria are, or justified these criteria.

Let me propose three simple resolutions to this discussion. Either
1. I promise not to tell you how to fly your large commercial aircraft if you promise not to tell me how to think about causality; or
2. I give you a rather long reading list in the logic of causality and its practical application in analysing accidents, and you read it all; or
3. You take our course in practical analysis of accidents using WBA.

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