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Originally Posted by xulabias_bent
I have to know if there is some arbitration between pots and resolver, pots TLA and resolvers TLA in the spoiler deployment logic !!
I don't know why exactly you have to know, but part of your answer is in this diagram:, which was posted by IFixPlanes in Post #1540, 2007-08-13T18:11.

It shows that each of the three SEC gets the outputs of a pair of the potentiometers as inputs. The different SECs control different spoiler surfaces.

Each FADEC channel gets the output of one of the resolvers as its input.

So nowhere will an arbitration between resolvers and potentiometers be made.

I assume potentiometer discrepancies will just trigger a SEC fault, and only resolver discrepancy triggers the TLA disagree (and TLA fault) failure (the Warnings and Cautions section of FCOM 1.70.90, P13ff mentions only the resolvers, and not the potentiometers.)

To answer that definitively we need something more substantial than a drawing and the FCOM.

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