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I agree with your post and for those that still want to go on and on about extra warnings, watch the animation of the SWA 737 on the NTSC website.http://www.ntsb.gov/events/Boardmeeting.htm
Another miscomprehension that some people seem to have is that autobrakes will stop you on the runway available no matter what. WRONG you are selecting a DECELERATION rate. On landing you will then normally use idle reverse / full reverse with ground spoilers (normally set to operate automatically to assist the pilot and save time) then take over braking manually depending upon runway conditions, length etc. The autobrakes are there to get the deceleration started earlier than perhaps a non "test pilot" could. Plus if you are using full reverse then depending upon the deceleration rate selected, the brakes may not be applying very much force as the "rate" selected is being achieved by other means i.e. reverse / spoilers / brakes.
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