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Originally Posted by xulabias_bent
The Thrust lever fault warning is not inhibited during landing. I don't know if the thrust lever disagree (if any or not equal to the thr lever fault warning) is not inhibited after touchdown, though.
TLA fault is inhibited only between lift-off and thrust reduction altitude, TLA disagree is inhibited between 80kts and thrust reduction during take-off, and between touchdown and 80kts during landing.

Regarding the FADEC putting the engine in idle could one state whether or not this would happen even with a faulty desengagement and disconnection of the A/THR ?
The A/THR involuntary disconnection in this case was not "faulty". It was due to a failure condition, but one that is handled in the software. After that, A/THR is simply disengaged and disarmed, with a thrust lock situation, as if it had been disconnected with the FCU pushbutton.

I haved described the complete behaviour in case of the thrust lever angle sensor problems in an earlier post, but here are the relevant bits:

- With TLA (at time of failure) below FLEX/MCT, on the ground or in flight with slats extended, FADEC commands idle power, regardless of autothrust engagement status.

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