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As is often the way, a quick flick through the history books can provide an answer to many of today's pressing problems.

I believe we had a similar problem back in the 30s when we decided we were keen to avoid a repetition of the events in WW1 when the British mainland was caught unawares by the German Zeppelin force. To get round the pesky Hun and its dastardly underhand tactics and refusal to let us know when they were coming, we set up a radar based AD network.

Just think if the US military did the same now. Would save all sorts of problems with the Russians not telling the American authorities when they were coming, maybe even linking a few of these radars together in a chain(not sure what you would call it) and coordinating all the radar signals, bringing them together in one location for someone to coordinate the overall effort (maybe an aircrew type on a respite grd tour) with some pretty little things (possibly a Susannah York type) to move the information derived from these radar plots around a big map.

Just a thought, will probably never catch on though. Maybe would just be easier to ask the enemy to let them know when they are coming
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