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Mäx Reverse,
When the A320, it's ECAM/FWC and the basic ECAM-Handling were designed, a couple of warnings/procedures dind'nt yet exist, either because AI didn't know or admit they were necessary. These warnings/procedures found their way into the books 'the hard way'. Unfortunately some of them didnt't fit into the procedural model of the FCOM-preface. Of course they were introduced anyway.
Isn't that what product improvement is about ?
In my experience with the 'Bus, the *Loss of Braking* procedure is one of the only two design improvements that led to a procedure, the other one being the recommendation of config 3 for approach in gusty conditions on a 321. Both procedures are now fading away as the new constructions and new FMGC software have corrected the defect (318-type of steering / brake system and relaxation of the AoA trigger for rapid sidestick inputs, post the Bilbao incident).
As far as I know, even the event that has been a lasting impact in Germany has been corrected by a change in the air/ground logic, not by a new procedure.
But still, we are talking about emergency here : Memory items, of which the only phase 8, 9... item is the loss of braking. No alarm for it.
The rest of the memory procedures are :
  • Emergency Descent
  • Pull-up TOGA
  • Windshear TOGA
  • TCAS resolution
  • Aborted T/O
  • Unreliable IAS
  • Compressor stall
Of these, only Windshear TOGA and TCAS relate to a specific warning, out of the original design.

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