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Concerning the issue, that the ECAM-Warning 'ENG ENG 1 THR LEVER ABOVE IDLE' would not be feasible, because it can't be dealt with 'procedurally' during the landing roll. I have to disagree.

When the A320, it's ECAM/FWC and the basic ECAM-Handling were designed, a couple of warnings/procedures dind'nt yet exist, either because AI didn't know or admit they were necessary. These warnings/procedures found their way into the books 'the hard way'. Unfortunately some of them didnt't fit into the procedural model of the FCOM-preface. Of course they were introduced anyway.

A textbook example is the 'Loss of Braking' procedure. Consistent of 100% 'Memory Actions' which have to be performed by heart and immediately. Not even an ECAM-Warning to trigger the actions, nevertheless the procedure works quite well in the SIM.

For those not type-rated, he we go:


x If autobrake is selected
__Brake Pedals.........PRESS PF
x If no braking available:
__Reverser...............MAX PF
__Brake Pedals.......RELEASE B
__A/SKID&N/W STRG........OFF B
__Brake Pedals.........PRESS PF
__MAX BRK PRESS......1000PSI B
x If still no braking:
__Parking Brake.....SHORT PF

So I guess another ECAM-Warning (btw: with only one action!) wouldn't be that bad and might have saved the day for the TAM-Crew.

Regards, MAX
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