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Originally Posted by SR71
I doubt whether these kind of errors (not closing thrust levers, or, for example, not setting altimeters correctly) correlate well with experience..........
I also suspect that their analysis will not yield much helpful insight.
I suspect that also.

Some evidence may be gleaned from looking over the 2,500 posts on this thread, many of which are attempts at amateur psychology. If there is insight to be gained, I suspect it would have appeared here by now.

Originally Posted by SR71
IMHO, the focus has to be how we improve the collective system propensity to fail safe.
I agree.

Good starts have been made publically by TAM, in prohibiting landings at CGH in the wet, or without 2 TR OP.
And by the government/airport authority in planning to improve the overrun facilities at the end of 35L.

And, on might think, by Airbus, the JAA, and the FAA, in reminding everyone to reduce thrust levers to idle on each and every landing (if we believe that reminding people of such basic items is efficacious. We have reason to doubt it.)

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