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Here Goes Boyzz...

Housing allowance (what's the accomodations like?)

Accomodation is a disappointment but it is for free so one should not really complain. It varies from smallish villas to flats depending on what is available when you require it. The allowance pay out is not enough to get you anything if you have a family, you will definately have to pay out of your pocket. If you are single it will work.

Plenty of for now.. 'Khalifa B' if you want a Villa, Company Provided, Delma Street, 3 or 4 bedroom apts, quite nice, company provided, Khalifa Street, company provided, Hamdan Street is coming up very soon, 3 and 4 bedrooms, full facilites and duplex, company provided.. Now, you can easily make out you are a Prince from wherever you're from and look for a villa at 5 bedroom with Maids room, drivers room pool, tennis etc for 300K per year, choice is your's.. WHATS PROVIDED NOW is Extremely Acceptable and ADEQUATE!

Transport allowance (is there any?)

About 500 aed a month if I am not mistaken

Maybe you have a different contract to me??? About 500 per month!! NO WAY DUDE! Nothing is most correct! ZERO DIHRAM! In the Old days the transport allowance was incorporated in the Daily Allowance, now there's zilch!

Exhange rate protection (is it that under the increment of 500 AED/700AED month/year - or is this the Bonus?)

No such thing at Etihad

Provident fund (none until now, except for the so called "End of Career Benefit", any news on that one?)

Provident is coming and will be a unique package, hang on you'll see.. if not, I'll resign

End of Service benefits is only given as that is a National UAE Labor law. The have tried to pass off the "Rent to Buy" where Etihad acts as your mortgage broker to be your provident fund.

Share Options (are they in the stock market?)

Not sure, never have been offered this.

Is there any health care package at all or any reimbursement?

You are provided with a very weak Health insurance package for you and your family.

Health Plan is fine and adequate, perhaps limited in the Dental domain, however, I know of a case where a company employee had been covered for an illness where the bill was in excess of 70000 EURO! No probs there..

That's all folks.. at least i'm honest

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