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We do not always get a Jetbridge for these ops as BAA Stand Planning can screw up occasionally. Not that the LDE destination would be a BIG clue and that these ops might have a lot of WCHRs !!!!

The Jetbridges are a disgrace anyway with rubbish everywhere even when they do work. Current QSM shown to the AOC had an outage of unplanned maintainance of around 25% against a predicted 2% for August. Bear in mind they count in the 2 stands on Sat 1 that dont have Jetbridges to bump up the Jetbridge servicablity percentage, I kid you not!

However we a promised 5 NEW Jetbridges for 2008, but note they say NEW not BRAND NEW !!

As for SO8 , wait and see, I havent had any confirmation of contracts signed yet and I should know !
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