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Hmmm, I note that many of the responders from the UK still apparently have the 'Comet syndrome', as regards turbojet engine fires.
An engine fire, altho serious, is much less do in a wing mounted podded engine, provided the correct engine fire drills are carried out within a reasonable time.
To go steaming around at low(er) altitudes, trying to get back on the ground, pronto, is many times less safe than actually using common sense, provided however that any remains on the FD in the first place.
I recall not long ago, with engine fires just after takeoff, where some UK pilots were in the habit of insisting that the fire drill be carried out at the lowest possible altitude, never mind the fact that in many cases (excepting severe apparent damage or separation) the engine may well still be producing useable thrust.
The FAA attitude (generally) is to leave the engine operating until clearly a safe altitude is reached, not start moving throttles/fuel levers/switches just off the ground...and certainly not rushing that landing, with poorly thought out off the cuff procedures.

And, before some wise guy says...'this would never be allowed with the UKCAA', they would be absolutely wrong, as I have done a few 1179 sim rides with two CAA inspectors, and they both have accepted my ideas, simply because....I have lots of command hours in the specific type.

To 'rush' an approach simply because an engine is on fire, especially in IMC conditions, is to likely result in bypassing the hospital, and proceeding directly to the cemetary.

Take your (reasonable) time and do it....right.

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