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If I could just add a couple of points to the already excellent advice given by others:

As you quote EGLL, you can still use the radar minmum charts, even if no radar service available, to get safely to a lower altitude as long as you are absolutely sure of your position. Its also feasible to utilise non-precision approach data (if available) to enable earlier descents i.e with 5 deg of approach course before intrecepting the localiser.

You quote 3,000 metres landing distance required for the B767 with 20kts tailwind. Are you sure you have that right? Could that figure possibly be the scheduled (planning required) distance as opposed to the unfactored advisory distance?

I don't have 767 data but B757 figures at max TOM (113T) with 20kt TW for landing give 4,745 FEET dry rw (6,525 Ft wet rw) unfactored and 8,700 FEET scheduled(wet by definition). I know the weights are not comparable and so would be interested to see 767 figures.

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