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I DID receive a call from them like 1 hour after I filed the online application (That was really quick !). The guy, who seemed to be polite and friendly, asked me several questions like what type of A/C I am currently flying, Airline I am working for, Type of license...
He told he will keep the application on hold and asked me to advise them when I get the full ATPL.
Since I cannot unfreeze my ATPL until I actually undertake training for left seat
I am stuck here this time. I'll have to see how things go and manage to get a full ATPL in the near future.
I wonder why you didn't hear from them though.
We are drifting a bit off of the original idea of this thread.
No EY pilots around here to comment for the roster, QOL, and conditions for EY in general and B777 in particular?
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