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I do not have a reliable source as to who was on which seat
You'll have to wait until the final report on that subject.
I just pointed at the reasons why I reserve my judgement on that particular pairing.
What is sure - and even subject to caution, as we cannot dismiss the *instructor training* going on - is that the approach was flown from the left-hand seat : The FDR graphs show it. That 's all.
The published FDR graphs on the landing at POA don't show who was handling that approach, or from which seat.The flight control graphs are missing.And one cannot expand on *X used the T/L this way, Y did it differently*. The only thing we can say is that there are some differences in that handling, some of them not adhering to the published SOPs.
So there you are.
As to the *why such experienced, trained individuals could make such a basic mistake ?*, you are not qualified. NOBODY on this site is. Please refer to the Highest Authority, if you believed in one.
The only most complete study I know - but it even needs to be completed by some very good additions from this forum - comes from Bielefeld University. They, at least have the quality of thoroughness and factuality that is sorely missing from certain posters.
I, as a professional, awaits the outcome of the accident report for comparison with Bernd's WBG and Peter's comments as, having studied past comparisons between their work and the actual official report, theirs are -should be - the most useful for Flight Safety.

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