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To Lemurian

Yes, I fly the IAE engines.

In #2391 I read "With a locked reverser, the affected engine won't go beyond idle thrust."
I interpreted that as you meaning that the slight elevation of idle would not take place. I just wanted to make clear that it does.
I think that the concept, that not all "idles" are identical, is rather confusing to people, like ChristiaanJ, not actually flying jets (e.g. think of idle with engine anti-ice ON or OFF). That's probably why you see questions about it recurring rather often.

As far as the ECAM cautions are concerned, they are mentioned in the MEL. For myself, it has been to long ago that I had a reverser de-activated and moreover, that will have been in the time of the MEL procedure to not pull the de-activated one into reverse.

As to the "amber for disagreement point" I would have to search long and hard to find that - undoubtedly the descriptive text in FCOM will state that it indicates that the reverser sleeve is in transit. In general however, all travel of valves, etcetera, is indicated amber as a result of such temporary disagreement between commanded and actual position. An ECAM caution or advisory for faulty position would only occur after "enough time for normal travel" has timed out.

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