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How about climb straight ahead to MSA, carry out a 45-degree procedure turn and land on the reciprocal runway via the ILS for that runway? You indicated that a return on the reciprocal was not an option because of the 20-knot tailwind, but is that necessarily so? Sure it's above the limit, but with an uncontrollable fire that might be the safest option, assuming of course that there's enough runway length available.

The CX incident mentioned earlier involved a fully-loaded 744 departing off 13 at Kai-Tak with an engine fire at V2 or thereabouts. They immediately turned around and landed on the reciprocal runway with the No.2 (I think) engine on fire. I think they were airborne for approximately 12 minutes. Admittedly they didn't have to cope with a 20-knot tailwind, but they were damn close to MTOW when they landed and the Kai Tak runway wasn't overly long.

Just some food for thought - I guess the answer is to know your aircraft and what it can do in those types of situations.
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