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Thanks for the replies . Some very valid points raised which will make life easier when I have to fly this in the sim or, God forbid, in real life.

Just to try and be a little more specific and to answer some your queries, lets just say we're departing from 27L EGLL. Just bear in mind that the radar is out, so radar vectors aren't an option.

On the chart I have, the circling minima is 1080', based on PANSOPS 5.28 nm.
The full ILS procedure begins at 2500' and 7.5 DME LON, which is 9.6nm from the 27L threshold.
The applicable MSA is 2300'
There's no Eng Out procedure to follow.

The way I'm imagining things would go is :

Eng fire at rotate.
By the time you've accomplished the recall actions, fired both fire bottles and realised that the fire IS uncontrollable, I'm guessing you will be at 2000'-3000' and, depending on the SID you're following, ouside the circling area.

What do you do?

Do you maintain 2500' and track for the full ILS? ; or

Turn to be within the circling area, descend to 1080' and then circle for a 2-3nm final and intercept the ILS?

The second option is obviously the quickest and sounds fine on paper. But the real question is: on the 767 will the A/P in APP mode handle such a close in intercept of the ILS on 1 engine? The only 2 heavy types I've flown are the 747 Classic and the 744. The classic definitely would NOT cope with such a manoeuvre, whereas I think the 744 probably would, with a little bit of nursing around the corner in Hdg Sel. I've absolutely no idea what the 767 is like

There is always the option of disconnecting the A/P if it's not performing, but under the circumstances not my idea of a fun day out

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