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Uncontrollable Engine Fires

G'day all,
Had a question, seeing as though I've got command training on the 767 (which I've never flown) coming up. What is the best strategy for managing an uncontrollable engine fire after take off? First, let me set the scenario.
  • Take off with 20 kts HW (ie return on reciprical runway not available)
  • ILS available
  • Wx is right on Landing minima
  • Radar is unavailable
  • Uncontrollable engine fire during rotate
The 2 options I've been thinking about are:

1. Turn back to the field and when within the circling area, descend to the circling minima. Remain within the circling area and basically carry out a circling approach on 1 engine.
Pros : gets you back on the ground the quickest
Cons : Not sure if the A/P will handle such a late intercept on 1 eng.
Late configuration change

2. Fly the full procedural ILS
Cons : Takes a lot longer to get on the ground

What do you guys think the best way to go is?
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