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I would rather have a crew that does 900 hours-a-year flying me around than a crew that does 450 hours-a-year.
What a load of sh*t. I do about 850 Ė 900 hours a year and work for a full service carrier. My mates who work for QF are on similar hours. Youíre living in fairy land if you think pilots in full service airlines only do 450 hours a year. You obviously believe your own BS.
404 titan....are you sure of your figures...
Yes. These were figures quoted by IATA back in 2000. There is a world of difference between going broke and being on the verge.
majority of the worlds full service airlines are right on the brink of going under at anytime of the day or night
Rubbish. Apart from a few high profile carriers in the US and Europe, most are very profitable. World wide there is a higher percentage of LCC on the verge of bankruptcy than full service airlines.

There are two types of LCC. Those that are well run, well resourced and have good financial records and those that donít. The latter tend to infest places like Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa and South America. They start with very little capital and generally operate very old aircraft. To keep costs to a minimum they pay their staff virtually nothing and cut their costs to unsafe levels in training and maintenance. Unfortunately when something does go wrong it is usually because of one or both of the last two. Old aircraft are maintenance intensive and crews need thorough ongoing check and training. Those that are well run generally exist in Europe, North America, and Australasia. They generally operate newer aircraft on short term leases and have a high turnover of aircraft to keep maintenance costs down. While checking and training is generally good, some of the costs tend to be shifted to the employee keeping these costs down. These types of LCC tend to be much larger and hence have a much higher public profile than the other badly run ones mentioned but they are by far in the minority in the LCC stakes.
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