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As I understand it the lightning strike protection will be provided by either the usual flame spray type coating or an impregnated conductive mesh such that usual airframe conductive figures would be obtained.

Slight thread creep here but llondel and mocoman need to go back to school to re-assess the effect of a lightning strike on an aircraft. They have both been saying the voltage is constant whereas if fact it is NOT.

The aircraft acts as a resistor WITHIN AN EXTERNAL CIRCUIT which is from the ground to the PD source (or vice versa depending on whether you are conventionally or electron minded). SO. If the resistance within the airframe is high then the PD across the aircraft (i.e. the voltage) increases (V=IR) and therefore so does the current. As we are talking about thousands if not millions of volts then even a small resistance can result in HUGE power dissipation. This why the bonding of aircraft is so important.
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