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A predicted eventuality??????

Being one of the expat pilots who flew for OX for two years, I can say that this was predicted by most of us who worked there and were eventually looking for safer pastures.

A Thai pilot training program was introduced in late 2005 for the MD82's where the average First Officer candidate had 200 hours total time and was paid 1000 USD a month. Indonesion Captains who were willing to work for 4500 USD a month.

6 days off a month with up to six legs or more a day. Duty time or flight time limitations? Are you kidding?

Add into that equation that the aircraft probably had mutiple MEL's that had been deferred beyond the due dates on more than one occasion.

Now mix in an ILS approach, an offset localizer, 460 feet minimums and yes he did land on runway 27, with a missed approach point 1.8 km from the end of the runway. Tell did he get so close to the runway with NO visual contact as reported by the surviving pax and the tower report that he was going missed?

Perchance...did the Captain set his own minimums, after all he was a seasoned Indonesion Captain and the Air Carriers he formerly worked for have been banned in the EU due to lack of proper pilot training and safety issues.

But all of this is speculation on my part. I only worked there two years and survived.

A sad day that should not have happened if there was proper oversight from the Thai DCA.
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