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I think it was a couple or three years before I visited it and that was backed up by the way the site was overgrown. That would put it around 1980-81 at a guess.

IIRC it was a single engine failure when the A/c was heavy on a hot day, (well, ok, they were all pretty darned warm). Once it hit the canopy it fell and thrashed itself to death, again, IIRC.

It really was surprisingly close to the camp just off the track. Maybe 2-300 yards if my mental picture is right. I seem to remember being able to see the camp from the track. The debris started about 10-20 yards into the jungle there. There's only really fuselage stuff there though I'm sure if you dug a bit deeper into the undergrowth there is probably some more "valuable" artifacts.

I seem to remember a Gazelle having an issue that required a Puma to lift it back to APC but that may just be the old brain playing tricks.
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