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I recall the Salamanca crash site, but do not remember the cause of the accident. Can anybody refresh? The accident itself was shortly before my time on the Puma I believe, early 80's??

Although quite near to the camp, it must have been some trek to get to the site A-A. Which I suspect is why there was anything left there for you to rummage through.

I know of other BoI incidents, (Gallon Jug - fire) and unpleasant forced landings (swamp post tail rotor problem) that occured there, so the comment of it being the first event is a lot far fetched. Perhaps if he had said 'Army' rather then 'British Military' it would have had some integrity.

Did the Gazelle flight ever have any drama's? The BDF binned an Islander not long ago, requiring extraction by a US Army Chinook.
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