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4 Months for distance learning That must be some sort of record. Did you even go outside during that period?
My Bristol GS module 1 arrived late October, and I completed my last exam (Module 2) early February, just over 3 months later.

Not counting the 6 weeks which were taken up by the brush-up courses and exam weeks, that left just 10 weeks of home study, which included a 2 week break (yeah, right!) over Christmas and New Year.

The CPL, night rating, and IR were 'in the bag' by mid June, less than 8 months after buying the Bristol GS course. Oh, and I did manage to fit in a 2 week foreign holiday between the Mod 2 exams and starting the CPL - honestly!

A very busy time, when I did not get out much! But a whole lot quicker and more cost effective than if I had chosen an integrated course - a point I made in a previous post on the subject.

Bristol GS certainly provides the means to make that type of progress possible with their excellent course. But at the end of the day, it is down to the individual to set a pace which is comfortable and sustainable for their own unique circumstances and learning rate. Motivation is the key ingredient here. I was highly motivated, being significantly the 'wrong side' of 40 before starting.

Good luck to all who choose to embark on the commercial aviation career path, whichever route that might be. And don't let anybody tell you that being over 40 is too old to start, provided you are highly motivated, and you have the ability.


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