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PS & McB, thanks very much.
I took quite a while to finish essentially due to my other commitments.
I started in Mod' 1 in Jan '06, finished Dec '06, started Mod 2 in Jan '07 and just finished, but of course it can be done much quicker. The amount of hours spent studying each day varied a lot with me.
It really depends on what works for you - I actually didn't take all my Mod 1 & Mod 2 exams together - you have 6 sittings allowed, so I preferred to concentrate on getting first time passes and decent marks by spreading the exams out a bit more. Other lads I met had stopped working so time was a major factor in getting them done as quick as possible - despite having to resit a few.
What is certain though - if you are committed and put the hours in - you will pass. Again, I do really recommend BGS ( and that is not to detract from other schools) it's just that I found the whole experience with them professional and even (almost) enjoyable.
Good luck again lads and start as soon as possible.
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