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Long time ago BF was half Scot half East End Jew. While generous to a fault, he was also.. errrrm... canny with his money.
Loath to part with cash when not strictly needed.

He did research at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, an establishment known in Holland as 'de VU'. Whenever I needed something, anything at all, his first reaction was always "Don't buy it, I'll get it from de VU". Washing powder, window panes, you name it and he sourced it at de VU.
It was one of the reasons we broke up, but by that time 'from de VU' had become a byword.

To this day, 25 years on, anything originating from a place of work is called 'from de VU' by my parents, our kids and our Dutch friends.

And when visiting them last summer in New Hampshire, I noticed that Henry's wife, whose never been to Holland, used the expression.
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