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NorthSouth, again I understand what you mean.

However, in an ideal world - and we all strive for that - there is really no room for ambiguity or misunderstanding in a clearance. With all due respect to you, I feel you are in danger of slipping into trying to second guess what ATC really means, rather than applying what has actually been (and not should have been) said.

The fundamental requirement of any clearance is that it should be unambiguous. If there is any doubt, it should be queried for clarification at the time it is issued and read back. Surely it is far easier (and safer) to add "Confirm clearance limit" to the readback than to spend the interim trying to second guess the TWR/APP Controller's tactics?

I really do feel that it boils down to the following:

1) If you are cleared for a "VFR transit", that means all the way from the entry to exit points of the Zone, unless otherwise specifically stated.

2) Alternatively, if you are only cleared to an interim point, then that becomes your clearance limit.

3) If you are cleared for "VFR transit" and subsequently asked to hold at an intermediate point, then that is a revised clearance.

The relevant point to note is that you should/will have a valid clearance at all times while you are in CAS.

Responsibility lies with both sides to minimise the chance of misunderstanding. I say again, if in doubt ... ASK !!

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