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you wrote a valid post for all Boeing guys like me, but I want to explain you the difference.
1) If the A/T is OFF and I don't retard the thrust lever, the engine will continue to produce the same thrust as it was producing before touchdown. This means that the engine will NOT accelerate to try to maintain any speed or to CLB or TOGA thrust whatever you call it.
2) It is impossible to have any SPEED mode in the Boeing 2 seconds after touchdown.
The main difference between B and A (from what I could understand from this thread, is that if you don't retard one thrust lever in the Airbus (for whatever reason: Pilot error, Mechanical Problem,...)the autothrust will keep that engine in SPD mode and will accelerate the engine up to CLB thrust to maintain the SPD while in the Boeing the engine would continue to produce the same APP thrust (around 55% N1). The engine would never increase thrust in the Boeing after touchdown (2sec)unless you manually advance the thrust levers.

As I said before, I don't want to enter in a discussion about which ACFT is the best. Both Boeing and Airbus have up's and down's but the Airbus autothrust logic is completely diferent from the Boeing (to say the least).
Just my .02cents.
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