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To operate Speedbrakes you push the lever down then pull back to the desired setting.
To arm Ground Spoilers the speedbrake lever is pulled up (must be fully forward in RETract setting to achieve this). Ground spoilers are automatic only, deployed by the flight control computers if armed and all the conditions are met. (See above!)
Re Post 767 Option 1.. I think it's just the wording.. no ground spoilers because of T/L 2 position, and no speedbrakes because of CONF FULL.. though IIRC manual speedbrake selection on landing is not done on the A320, if the ground spoilers are Inop they are Inop.(And that is very rare).

What would your instructor have done if you "FORGOT" to put throttles to idle before landing? Guess you wouldnt be flying as he would have stopped your training then and there.
If I was the instructor I would teach the student how to do it right. It is not an uncommon fault, especially when converting to a new type when one is focussed on flare characteristics for the first few landings - one concentrates on one hand and forgets the other.. but it is easily fixed with practice.
Cheers, TP
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