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A330 test flight crash


The A330 flight test crash doesn't say anything useful to me about this thread.

There are a number of causal factors which have not been mentioned. First, the test was an "engine-out" TOGA test.
Second, the PF rotated to above 27 degrees in pitch. 25 degrees is the protected limit in normal flight. Above 25 degrees, certain attitudinal information disappeared from the PFD. When the aircraft started slowing, the CRW allowed the situation to develop until the AC was very nose high. Any line pilot would have been held automatically to 25 degrees pitch. It is presumed (the participants are all dead and they didn't say anything much on the CVR) that the commander allowed the situation to develop so that the engineers could reap telemetry data. But out the window of a high-pitching A330 you can't see much except sky, and there lacked attitude info on the PFD.

Even so, with 2-3 m more altitude, it seemed as though he would have recovered anyway.

This whole incident is so remote from anything that would happen in line flying that I don't think it can shed any light on aspects of this discussion.

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