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For a moment, can we ask the question if it is possible to have an electronic glitch of unknown origin...one that might become more clear in the next few days.

I recall when Fokker said it was impossible to lose all the displays in the F100...but then one day one of our flights lost all displays in flight.

I recall when everyone said there was nothing wrong with the B737 rudder.

Christen J has a good idea of comparing landing techniques with previous landing.

-----------read only if you wish to hear speculation of the highests/lowest order-------------------------

though I do have a horrible feeling that the checkairman said something like: hey, did you know you don't have to pull both throttles back?
the other pilot says: ok, lets try it here.

I pray that this is not the case...but I still remember a DC4 or was it a DC6 in which the jumpseating federal inspector (cab I think) thought it would be funny to engage the control lock while in flight without telling the captain or copilot.

To those who remember, the crew got the control lock to disengage, but the pilot, who wasn't wearing his seat belt, flew up, and hit 3 feather buttons, knocking out 3 of the 4 engines and himself. the copilot regained control, the inspector lost his job.

A fine pilot I knew, who flew the HUMP in WW2 always warned: never touch any switch that doesn't have a lot of wear/tear on it...if it is bright and shiny, don't touch it! (unless its a new plane)
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