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Another finding was that both CM1 and CM2 were captains. The PF was CM2 (Instructor pilot) and PNF was seated on the left and was a new hire captain.
If true, I assume an ‘Instructor’ Pilot would regularly fly from the RH seat … or would he/she?
Rippa mentioned earlier that TAM SOP was for a ‘Capt’ was to fly from the LH seat, I assume an ‘instructor’ would necessarily fly from either seat … comments?
.. It will be interesting (from a HF point of view) to find out who was in which seat on the first sector!
Side note
... a very informative discussion … irrespective of what comes out of the final analysis, the awareness for all crews (B or AB) from this and similar threads is surely worth its weight in gold!
.. I bet all crews here (B and AB) have been that little bit more conscious of TL and A/T etc since!
P.S Hey Nigel,
My recollection of the 1 Rev U/S MEL in my airline is that it is not recommended to select Rev on the other engine. I have no idea of what our MEL currently states, and am unlikely to until I have cause to read it i.e. I get an aircraft with 1 Rev U/S which might be years away...
.... errrm, what happens if the T/R fails on landing ... are you gunna have time to go digging for the latest MEL revision whilst hurtling down the runway with betty screamin at ya
.... of course you were just joking
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