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It's really amusing to see the crap that some of you guys post. This "beer drinker" was the only reason that alot of the corruption that was here previously is gone! And unlike the majority opinion here....grab a pen and write this down so there's no confusion kids......HE DOES NOT WRITE THE ROSTERS!

For those of you who think the "Canadians" got favors, you are mistaken......everyone did! And by that I mean if you were of any nationality and you had a problem, he would refer you to someone (or himself) who could try to fix it. Wow, must be weird to alot of you to have a professional in the office.

I'm sure I'm gonna take a shot for this, but when it comes from the closeminded, ex boys club, childish group of so called professionals.....I don't care.

All the best to you who think there will now be an improvement! haha

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