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PJ2 and others - thank you for the most informative posts so far on the 320 systems. I have learnt more in your few posts than in all the 500+ before.

What is becoming sadly clearer to me is that what was being said in the 80's as the first ABs crashed with the crew unaware of operating mode and protection systems in place is still valid. TRAINING. Are we keeping up with automation and systems?

I am starting a new thread on the 'Safety' forum so we do not pollute this one. NB all those 'sensitive' AB souls, this is not an 'Anti-AB' topic. It is training in general so don't be frightened to look and contribute if you feel the need.

Could I also point out that the position of controls and state of bits of the aeroplane after impact with a building at around 94kts and an intense fire will not yield much to the casual observer and should be left to the accident investigation team?
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