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so IF the TL's are not in the idle position (i.e one of them left slightly out) then the spoilers will not deploy?
All the braking in the world ain't gonna stop you on a short wet runway with no spoilers.
This is just my opinon, but if one of the TL's is left out of idle then its not the thrust that engine may or may not generate that is the enemy, its the lack of spoilers, which in turn means that aquaplaning is likely and there is little or no weight on the wheels.
I still cannot comprehend that an experience, skilled pilot will not retard the levers when landing, in any aircraft. There must be more to this than meets the eye.
I can see that you could leave one slightly above idle, or push one back out when applying reverse on the other, but even that should give you some spoilers -although maybe not enough to stop on a short rwy.
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