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PJ2 - a most useful post on the workings of the Airbus throttle system - thanks for that. I fly a Boeing, have never flown an AB, so have no knowledge of how the system works.
I'm still a little unsure however where all this speculation about the reverser is going, I have always been taught that the majority of decelleration after landing comes from the wheel brakes, and the most important thing to get the brakes working, is to get weight on them by using the spoilers.
What triggers the autobrakes and autospoilers in the 320? is it both levers to idle, or something else? i.e if one lever had inadvertently been left just outside the gate would it prevent the brakes and spoiler from operating?
I can't imagine that the pilot would have left one lever forward - on a long runway, attempting a nice soft landing? maybe, but I still can't see it. On a short wet runway where you need to put it down hard right in the zone, then I can't see anyone not retarding both levers fairly aggressively in the flare. However as per my question, if for some reason the left lever went all the way into reverse and the right lever somehow didn't quite go to idle then would this prevent the spoilers?
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