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Question Alfa floor on A320

Not an expert on this type aircraft but got from A320 FCOM and some related documentation that there is an automation feature that prevent the crew from flying this plane at dangerous low speeds. In flight the FMGS will call for automatic TO/GA to preven a stall situation. TO/GA will be called independent of TL position as long the speed drops down to a certain threshold. The TO/GA demand by A.FLOOR protection will lock the TL inputs (any movements on TL will not have impact on engines). The only way to restore TL function is to desingage manualy the A/Throtle on FCU......On current A320 crash I was just wondering what would happend if crew fail to follow the "RETARD" aural warning just prior the touch down and did not put the TL on demanded IDLE position to automatic disconect the A/Throltle. Would the A.Floor kicked in due to a speed drop and acelareate both engine at max power, locking the TLs?...On speed running, short runway, night, bad weather conditions, the crew may not had time to figure out the situation and disconect the A/Thrust on FCU....

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