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warning - possible thread drift

A real organisation would take note of the gripes & issues on boards such as PPRuNe, separate the wheat from the chaff, and use the knowledge constructively. Build relations & trust.

Qantas, it appears, is not one of those organisations.
How do you take note of gripes and issues written by a relatively small number of people, anonymously, and in a manner that is generally aggressive and intolerant of opposite views, and use the knowledge constructively?

Anonymity in a forum is a two edged sword. Geat because people express their view, but bad because people are able to abdicate responsibility for those same opinions which by definition fosters extremism. If this was a place where there was intelligent, considered debate instead of flames and criticism (how does slandering management help), then you would have a point. As an exercise, go through the recent threads on Qantas and delete those that abuse someone and see what's left.

As it is, PPRuNe seems to be a venue for people to vent their disatisfaction at qantas, and that's about it. Perhaps that is the takeout for Qantas management.

(this is not a comment on those threads where there is an actual technical-type discussion, which appear more than beneficial albeit of little use to qantas management)

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