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Hey you know what, it really is a shame to see people bashing each other over what seat they sit in, or what experience they have or haven't had. Makes me think that the "bad old days" unfortunately haven't quite disappeared for a few people. In my own experience (sitting in both seats) i tend to find that those who are particularly overbearing or those who are arogant in any way, tend to use this as some kind of veil to hide the fact that they lack some confidence and/or ability when it comes to doing the job. Thankfully these people are in an ever decreasing minority, and most of the people i get to fly with are an excellent bunch. Lets face it, flying is a job, the sooner people realise this, leave there ego's at home, and just try to enjoy a good day out, the better. The whole operation runs a lot smoother and safer that way.
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