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Couldn't of asked for a better reply....well theres one stupid thing already that a captain (i assume) has done.

"Your job (especially at the ripe age of 21) is to sit there, shut up"
"You have no basis yet on which to make judgements of people"

Dont really need to reply to that comment...but i will. Although i have youth on my side being 21 i still have 3 years commercial jet experiance with 2 jet types and 5 years total flying. I'm fully aware this is not 30 years flying experience, but it still gives me the grounding to be able to identify good/efficient ways to operate an aircraft and not such good examples.

You should appriciate that not every co-pilot flys for a large airline, where the captains that you fly with have a wealth of experience. Like yourself!
In my previous airline, if i stayed there i would be undertaking command training as we speak on a jet aircraft. So would it be my job to sit there and shut up??? And just because I would be a captain..does that mean i wouldn't do silly things?

"adapt to different techniques"

This is exactly the reason why this topic is valid. Being a co-pilot we continually have to vary the way we operate in order to fit round the captains masterplan. It is these different techniques that that we have to operate around, that we can find questionable methods....Not necessarily wrong but sometimes silly...and we can talk about them on this the benefit of everyone.

"A few hundred hours do not make you an ace"

True.....neither does 2300hours with 2100 jet...which i have.

Thought i just finish my post with an immature twist...just like yours.

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