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Some of the posters in the Mil Section don't do the Royal Air Force, their rank or themselves any favours. Once they get a sniff of blood, they're off on a feeding frenzy. I saw one guy hounded from this section, he then posted his request for information in AH & N, only to be pursued by one of the Mils intent on humiliating him. He subsequently pulled his posts and left. A sad reflection, it really is.
It's very easy to hide behind a psuedonym and hurl insults. If you are in a position of responsibility, would you do it to your subordinates? Probably not. And if you do, you don't deserve your rank anyway.
Matt - I've been out of the RAF for many years and it's obviously not the same as it was back in the seventies so I can't give any advice other than to ignore the puerile snipes that you'll come across on here; thankfully they're in the minority.
Good luck with whatever you decide on.
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