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I have been in for 25 years, seen the world, had some great times and some (what seemed at the time, but on reflection were not so bad) bad times. If I had a chance to change anything major........I would not, and would gladly repeat the whole experience. I think that many do not really appreciate their lot until they leave. Should you join, I guarantee that you will never lack a 'story' to tell your civvy mates in a bar, you will never meet a nicer bunch of people (some notable exceptions) and you will never be alone for a gripe and whinge at the System.

Yes, times are harder now than 25 years ago. Yes, it often seems like our lords and masters do not care as much as they should. Yes, the politicos overuse us. Yes, JPA is still a farce......I could go on but, on balance, it is still a hoot.

Go do it.....or at least try......

Happy to help more if you have any further questions.
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