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Servicemen like moaning and there is a good healthy dose of dark humour in most of our characters. The fact is, many of us couldn't bear the thought of civilian life (plenty of my mates have re-joined after leaving in fact). We do get particularly pi**ed off though when a lot of the rubbish that we joined the military to avoid is forced on us. For example: management plans and associated management BS, budgetary nonsense (false economies), red tape such as belts and braces health and safety regulations (no substitute for common sense), erosion of personal and professional standards, 'holier than thou' attitudes from senior people who should no better, interference from the Treasury, politicians with no military experience, Defence Secretaries (and PMs come to think of it) with no wish to understand defence, hypocrites in public life (and senior officers that won't admit that we are under-resourced), irresponsible (not all) journalists after a good story and witch hunts, crap kit etc - I could go on.

Bottom line - we like being in the Service, we are different to civilians and would like to be recognised as such. we are proud of our individual services. Is there another public sector that delivers as well as we do? I don't think so.
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