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At long, long last..

Quite possibly the best news Etihad, OCC and the flight/cabin crew have had in a very, very long time.

For those not familiar with the mans spectacular incompetence in GF and EY, he has single handedly done bugger all for, well, anything or anyone really. Whilst the crew have certainly suffered at this individuals lack of knowledge, personality, direction, management, experience etc, please spare a thought for those within OCC from the current heads of Ops, Dispatch and Crewing down, for the lack of support recieved, the way they have been mismanaged and the general way at which the Head of OCC and Planning has misrepresented them for far too long now. The only time he is ever visible within OCC is to check on his next flight back to BAH - usually early Wednesday avo of first thing Thursday, eh Naveed?

Goodbye you stunningly hopeless excuse for a senior manager. Make sure you stay in touch now, wont you.....

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