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These so called whites come here to make quick money. What did JH/RH do in GF? They can not do anything in GF. They sold GF's assets and showed as if GF made profit. Whatever the routes opened by JH are getting closed down now (Dublin, Singapore, Sydney, etc.). I wonder how EY recruited these non-performers.
You may have a good point as far as the feasibility/results of JH's management decisions in GF, and probably the same will happen with EY. However, I don't think you are questioning the person's (useless) performance according with all the reports about him here and elsewhere and some of the beer exchanges I have had here. At least I hope not.
Don't start the colour scheme? All colours do the same at that level. Very few sweat/don the shirt with passion.
P.S. This thread may become popular if it doesn't go "colourful or colourless".
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