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Harriers over London

Laugh? I nearly fell off my chair when the Beeb commentator said that there were no Sea Harriers in the flypast because they were 'unreliable and were not allowed to fly over London'

Clueless - where do they get these people?!
Why is there no faith in the Harrier as a single engine aircraft? is it as unreliable as stated?
If there is a problem with single engines how can the Reds continue to fly.
They also stated that the single-engined Harrier was not "trustworthy" enough to be allowed to fly over London! Out of curiosity why are Hawks allowed but Harriers aren't? Glide range?
The answer from a MOD press release:

Notes to Editors

1. Harriers will not take part in the flypast over London because single engine aircraft without the capability to glide in the event of an engine failure are not permitted to fly low over central London. Were they to take part, they would have to fly too high to be part of the display. Harriers will, however, take part in a flypast at Pangbourne College on 14 Jun 07 in the presence of Her Majesty The Queen.
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